What is SolutionClinic?

Solution Clinic is a project agency located in Austria. Our main goal is to provide smart solutions for our customers with a wide range of services such as print, web design, email-marketing, branding, event-management, 3D construction, modeling & prototyping, metalworks and lots more. To accomplish this task we are networking with specialists from all kinds of branches and expertise.

About Us

Fighting on the frontlines of constructive landscape, the Solution Clinic team is one agency for new media solutions delivering across multiple platforms - MADE IN AUSTRIA.

We are innovative

Challenged by unique requirements of our customers we are developing new efficient ways to solve your tasks. The connection of experts from a wide range of expertise allows us to think just different and walk new paths to realize complex projects, as well as all in one solutions. Due to our working methods innovation never stops because every new thought innovates the rest of the project.

We are evolving

Every challenge pushes us forward. There is no problem without a solution, the only question is: do you have the brainpower to solve it. Our project extends the brainpower of every member by new thoughts and ideas of others. Therefor we are in a constant evolving process which makes every barricade to a new defiance – and we love it!

Together we are awesome

One of the most difficulties in a world of constantly growing requirements and expectations is to forfill these with the highest quality possible. Instead of building a huge slow structure, loaded with personal that is fighting a war of competition and reaming each other up, we are connecting people that have visions. Every member of our network is a master of its profession. Combining these professions and watching their visions evolveing to a kick-ass-solution is just awesome!

We don´t like junk

Every product we ship is made in Austria! Not China, India, Burma or another country where people have to work under worst conditions. We work hard to minimize parts from producers who doesn´t even know the word human rights.